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Muzio Clementi (1752-1832)

"Among all the masters who have written for pianoforte, Beethoven assigned to Clementi the very foremost rank. He considered his works excellent as studies for practice, for the formation of a pure taste, and as truly beautiful subjects for performance. Beethoven used to say ...'They who thoroughly study Clementi, at the same time make themselves acquainted with Mozart and other composers; but the converse is not the fact.'"

Anton Schindler

Wolfmusic Publications, Ltd. presents piano music of Muzio Clementi that has been previously unpublished or is currently unavailable in modern notation. Using state of the art technology, we create impeccably edited scores from autographs and early editions.

Clementi, the father of the pianoforte, composed over 100 sonatas for the piano. Of this number, fewer than half are currently available in modern notation. Given the enormous influence of this composer, and his important contributions to piano literature, Wolfmusic Publications, Ltd. is compelled to revisit these piano sonatas. Three years of research have culminated in the first volume in a projected series of keyboard sonatas by this significant 18th-century composer.

Volume I of "The Rediscovered Piano Sonatas" contains six piano sonatas, three of which were edited from the 'revised' autographs, previously unpublished. The remaining three sonatas were edited from authentic 19th-century editions.

The CLEMENTI page provides biographical information on this significant composer.

The AUDIO page allows you to view and listen to a portion of each piano sonata.

The SCORES page contains information about our Clementi piano music edition.

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